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Car Hire on a Budget

When it comes to car hire the costs can vary widely and it really pays to shop around. Occasionally you may be offered good deals as part of your hotel stay or airfare.  But it is worth costing out all the options available to you to find out which is the cheapest and best deal.  But also remember that sometimes the price you are offered may not be the complete price and you may find yourself having to fork out even more cash upon arrival at your destination.

If you are travelling to Cyprus independently and are not sure who to get your car hire from then we can definitely recommend booking with the car hire company above

Who Do We Recommend Using and Why?

I am not just recommending rentalcars because we offer them on our website Oh No on the contrary we offer them on our website because they are the best Car Rental Company that we have come across.

Having personally used a couple of the big name car rental firms in Cyprus I have been extremely disappointed with their service when booking with them directly.  Last Year I booked a car from the no 1 car rental company only to find upon arrival that there were hidden extra charges as well as the statutory local charges that we had expected to pay and the voucher that we were given did not cover everything.  We were also persuaded into purchasing the extra insurance making the “cheap deal” we thought we had into a much more expensive affair.

Whilst waiting in the queue last year at the car hire desk we met a couple behind us who had booked through rentalcars (formerly know as so although they were also getting a car from the no 1 car rental company their vouchers covered much more and they only had to pay the local fees.

We met up with them again whilst we were checking over the car and they told us they had used rentalcars several times before and always had a great deal and a really good car.  When I asked how much they had paid I was shocked at how great their deal was compared to ours, which had cost us more by booking direct the top car hire company.  I decided then and there that I would use for my own car hire in future and when I was offered the chance to use their rental service link on our website I was only to happy to oblige, as I want to offer my visitors the best available.

Car Insurance

Make sure that you have suitable insurance, as any accident could make a huge dent in your holiday budget! There are good ways to save money, but insurance is not an area that you should scrimp on.

Third Party Liability insurance is obligatory.  To make sure that you are not charged too much see if you can purchase the insurance at the time of hiring the car.

Size of Car

Always select the smallest car that is suitable for your needs, this will be cheaper and will cost less in petrol.  There is also a reasonable chance that you will be upgraded for free. If you are feeling bold, it is worth asking at the counter if there is any chance of a free upgrade, you never know your luck!

If you are booking car hire from a distance, look at the costs of car hire from the airport as well as from the city that you are staying in. Car hire companies will pay more to have an airport franchise and you may find this reflected in the prices that you are quoted.

Full Tank / Empty Tank

If you have chosen the “Full Tank” option - Always fill up the petrol before you get back to the car hire office. Car hire companies will charge well over the odds for any extra petrol that they need to replace on your behalf so take the time to fill up before you get back if you do not want a large bill at the end.

If you have chosen the - “Empty Tank” option (where you bring the car back without filling it up first) make sure that you have left sufficient petrol in the tank to get you to the airport.  There is of course no need to fill it up completely.  This option is probably more expensive than the option above as you are effectively paying for a tank of petrol at the start of the car hire at their more expensive prices, but if you think there will be a problem getting to a garage near to the airport or you have a longer distance to travel back to the airport then it may be more convenient.

Petrol and Diesel

All petrol (gas) stations sell premium and unleaded petrol (super and 95) and diesel. Petrol is measured by the litre.

Please Note: Many petrol stations in urban and coastal areas operate with self-service machine taking payment by credit card or bank notes. These are usually available 24 hours a day BUT petrol may not be available inland or in rural areas on weekends or public holidays and many rural petrol stations may be closed for the month of August.

This is worth remembering when planning your drive up into the mountains or rural areas.  Make sure you have enough petrol before you set off and fuel up first if you haven’t.

How Old Must You Be To Drive a Hire Car

You must be at least 21 Years old to drive a hire car (this may vary in different car categories) also bear in mind you may be charged an extra surcharge for drivers under 25 years old.  There is a maximum age limit of 70 years old for hiring a car.

Driving Licence

It is compulsory to carry two red warning triangles in the car and these must be used to warn other traffic if you are involved in an incident, breakdown or accident. So make sure that these are provided in your hire car.

If stopped, driver's must be able to show their valid driving licence (if it is not an EU-issued licence, it should be accompanied by an International Driver's Permit/Licence (IDP/IDL), vehicle registration documents, proof of insurance, proof of roadworthiness or in the case of a hired car the paperwork that you were provided with at the time of hiring.

Please Note: UK licence holders are generally only required to present the card section of the license.

Children in the Car

Please note that all children of 5 and under must be fitted into a child safety seat and are not allowed in the front seat of the car.  Bear this in mind when booking your car hire to make sure that any child safety seat requirement (if your children are 5 or under) are booked at the time of booking the car and if you have a baby seat that you are intending to take with you, be aware that these can not go in the front seat.

Seat Belts

Seat Belts are compulsory for both Drivers and Passengers in Cyprus.

Driving in Cyprus

Driving in Cyprus is made much easier by the fact they drive on the left hand side the same as the UK.

Driving at Night in Cyprus

Obviously you need to use headlights in the dark but bear in mind also that headlights must be used half an hour before sunset (dusk) and a half an hour before sunrise (dawn) too.

What are the Speed Limits in Cyprus

The Speed limits in Cyprus are as follows: City 30mph/50kph Open Roads 62mph/100kph.

Speed Cameras

Be aware that there are speed cameras in Cyprus although not as many as in the UK.

If you are caught speeding you will be fined.  For a long time these were not actually operational but I have heard recently that these are now active.


You will find Parking meters in the town centres and these are generally valid for 1 hour, (there is usually no fee on Saturday afternoons, Sundays, or public holidays but check the signs or meter before leaving the parked car).

If you see a double yellow line painted by the curb, parking is prohibited at all times as in the UK, and a single yellow line by the curb is a loading and unloading zone but no parking.

Disabled Parking

You will generally find  a few parking bays marked for disabled drivers in municipal car parks. The blue badge is recognized in Cyprus. It is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit which provides parking entitlements to badge holders in all complying European countries - a blue badge from one country is valid in another. A person coming to Cyprus from another EU country can apply in their home country for this universal badge which allows the use of reserved parking.

(For more information, see AngloINFO information Page Notes for the Disabled)

Mobile Phones

As with the UK Mobile phones are prohibited unless using a "hands-free" kit.

Smoking in the Car

It is illegal in Cyprus to smoke in a car in which any person under 16 years of age is a passenger.

Road Signs & Speed Signs

Road Signs are in both English and Greek, but distances are all marked in Kilometres. Speed Signs are marked as kilometres-per hour (Km/h).


If you hire a motorbike, Scooter or Moped then every rider and passenger must wear a helmet and must be over the age of 12 to ride pillion.

Toll Roads

There are no toll roads on Cyprus they are all free roads.

Horn Honking

Between the hours 22:00-06:00 Horns must not be used and using a horn near a hospital is forbidden at all times.

Drink Driving

It is illegal to drive a car or motorbike - or even bicycle - whilst under the influence of alcohol. A driver is considered to be drunk driving in Cyprus if:

- The breath/alcohol level equals or exceeds 22 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath

- The blood/alcohol level equals or exceeds 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood (0.5 grams per litre)

The Drink limits in Cyprus are lower than the UK

What If you are caught over the limit

If you are over the limit ie 22 to 24 microgrammes you may receive a caution.

If you are over the limit ie 25 and 39 microgrammes you will be detained until a responsible person is able to drive you and your vehicle away from the scene or Police Station. You will then be summoned to court.

If you are over the limit ie 39 microgrammes you are likely to be detained until the next available court sits.

Traffic Offences & Penalties

What if you accidently commit a traffic offence, what happens? You will be issued with a fixed penalty and a ticket. If the ticket is not accepted by the offender, a court summons will be issued. The penalties are issued in conjunction with penalty points. The courts have the power to disqualify drivers when they have 12 points on their licence; when the disqualification is removed, the offender will be able to drive again, but the points will remain for another three years.

I am not sure if these can be enforced against UK licence holders as yet but if you are an EU Licence Holder then be aware that the EU are working towards enforcing the points system across borders.

The points system for offences is similar to the UK and other European Countries.

Payment of Traffic Fines

You do not pay Traffic directly to the officer at the roadside instead fines can be paid at Police Traffic Bases and larger Police Stations throughout Cyprus.

Accident and Breakdown

If you have an accident or breakdown then it is worth noting that whilst there are SOS phones on the motorways thesehardly ever work. It is best to carry a mobile phone with you in the car.

The Cyprus Automobile Association is a non-profit organisation providing 24-hour emergency service to members and members of affiliate organisations.

  • CAA 24-hour emergency service: 22 313 131 Website

There are several other private 24-hour breakdown service and towing companies in Cyprus.

In an Emergency

For Emergency Assistance in Cyprus call 112 or 199.

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